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My Apologies, I Am a Bit Under the Weather Today….


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By Veronica Emilia Nuzzolo,  M.Ed., Ph.D.

I woke up this morning,, really just not feeling myself,, it was a struggle to get out of bed,, I physically hurt,  I forced myself up and out, because I had to, I have to go to work, I cannot afford to be out sick,,

I’m a bit ill, a little under the weather,,  I will be fine,,,  oh, how nice everyone in the office is,, so very concerned,, do you feel o.k., can I do anything for you,, would you like a nice hot cup of tea,, feel better soon,, oh aren’t you so kind,, I will be fine,, thank you,,,

Minimal disclosure as to what a bit under the weather means allows for empathy, having a bout of socially acceptable “a bit under the weather” is not earth shattering news, no one is running for cover,, no one needs to know  that my a bit under the weather is mental illness.  Why,, well,, if they knew,, they would run for cover, they would cluster together and formulate a contingency plan to exit the premise and find a “safe location.”  They do not want to “catch it!”  Ha,ha,ha,,  thank you for your concern, but,, I am not contagious,,,,,,

I love irony,, when you were empathetic  to my being a bit under the weather,, with what you thought was my socially acceptable illness,  I was probably spewing those little pesky airborne pathogens,, contaminating the empathetic populace…….so sorry I gave you the common cold, flu, or I am so, so, so, sorry, mayhap tuberculosis…. or COVID-19!!!!

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that mental illness is a condition that impacts a person’s thinking, feeling or mood and may affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis. Each individual will have different experiences, even those with the same diagnosis.  1 in 5 adults experiences a mental health condition every year.

That 1 in 5 could be you…..mental illness does not discriminate and neither should you……… STOP THE STIGMA!

How to cite this article:
Nuzzolo, V. E., (2016).  Stigma. My Apologies, I Am a Bit Under the Weather Today.  Retrieved from, https://eduction-is-power.com/2016/02/13/my-apologies-i-am-a-bit-under-the-weather-today/



  1. Monique dos Santos says:

    Mental Health is everything, because your mind has the power to control your body. If your mind is not good, you don`t have the energy the which and ability to do anything. For example: when my mind is tired or overwhelmed I have difficult to concentrate and realize even the most simple activities. Some people thing that they don`t have to take care of their mind as they have with their bodies. But, psychological health is much important as physical health is.
    Sometimes people don’t care about mental health, because they are afraid to being judged. It happens, because people looking them and judge talking that is freshness or to draw attention.


  2. anthonymansi001 says:

    Fantastic read thank you for that. Mental Health is everything and people do not choose to have mental illness they were not asked to spin a wheel and pick if they wanted depression or anxiety. I feel people do not understand the importance of maintaining your mental health taking self care moments in there life and being aware of there mental state of mind. But ultimately people with mental issues never asked for them and are regular people just like anyone else, i will also go out and say majority of people we associate with on a day to day basis are affected by some sort of mental health issue and we wouldn’t even know it . F#*K the stigma !!!!!


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