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What Would You Do?



  1. Khaled Roch says:

    So surprising the reaction of most of the people who saw that happen. except those 5 persons, nobody even takes a few minutes to understand what is going on between the man and the child.


  2. Navy says:

    I understand people do not want to be involved because they might get hurt or kill but to see this. They should help. I see this on social media and never see a single person help but stand there and record or walk away like they didn’t see or hear anything.


  3. This situation reminds me a similar experiment that was in my country, it was a couple pretending domestic violence on the street and it had happened almost the same, people waking on the street and nobody says anything, it’s frustrating but nobody wants to get involved because nobody wants to get in trouble.


  4. sheyla4801 says:

    people just might feel as if something will happen to them but it would be important if you take action if you see any situation where you know something is wrong.


  5. Xavier Savage says:

    With great power comes great responsibility! – UNCLE BEN
    Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. – Proverbs 3:27-35

    I think we need to examine our moral code. how do “we” as society say “We don’t want to make is our business”, or “We don’t want to be involved” BUT in todays social media world, we are constantly judging, critiquing, and inserting ourselves into the daily lives of, friends, family and strangers.
    Why do we become cowards in the face of a need?

    (ACCOUNTABLE: required or expected to justify actions or decisions. )
    We need to hold ourselves accountable for not just our actions, but intercede and help whenever NEED be, expeditiously and without pause when it is within our power to do so.

    “Good Samaritan laws” even offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are, or whom they believe to be, injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated. We should always look to extend a hand, but this is a learned characteristic, that requires self will power and courage, both of which i believe can be learn traits.

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  6. Yasmin says:

    Unbelievable how so many people went by and didn’t even bother to try to help. We have to stand up for the things we think it’s wrong. We can’t change the things around us if we’re not willing to take the first step. Hopefully many people have watched this video and have had a different approach to situations like this one.


  7. smven17 says:

    This video is shocking to see as mother myself, but it shows the truth. As Bill said, the more people the less they take action. It’s very important to break this thought of someone else taking responsibility, we all have an important role and as Bill said we might not be able to tackle someone down but we call the police. We have to start taking action in moments of need.


  8. andreachavezlopez says:

    It’s unbelievable how many by standers just walked by without doing anything. Some people are selfish and only decide to help those who they know but in other cases some decide to help who ever they see in trouble. I think the bystanders didn’t want to get involved because they were scared but they should think if that was their daughter or niece in trouble and they saw all those people walking by with no one helping the child.


  9. kdhernandez11 says:

    I cant believe how many people walked by while the girl was screaming help this is not my father not one person batted an eye. This really made me upset because i have two little sisters and i would hope that if something was to happen to them that people walking by would help.


  10. Sayomi (Grace) says:

    I don’t understand why people just stood by and watched. It’s clear that something bad is happening and that she could use some help. better off helping or at least calling the police than assuming she’ll be okay or that she did something wrong and is being punished for it. I understand that sometimes getting involved also means asserting yourself to some form of danger. However, you’ll want someone to call the police if you or someone you know was in such situation. Though the bystander effect is still a thing today, I’m happy that we now have systems in place to protect people reporting/calling for help.

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  11. Kamilla DeFreitas says:

    This is really hard to watch because in lots of situations abductors try to make the situation not look as bad as it seems, usually luring in someone or waiting for that second where no ones watching. A bystander of the situation I would hope would see red flags of the situation and want to help out or even get help. Lots of people get anxious in these situations because no one wants to put themselves in the middle of an act similar to this since the attackers intention on others is not clear. People fear of this situation and when it occurs, if witnessing, maybe the shock has them stunned in a motion that they don’t act quick enough to help the situation.


  12. Lydia Li says:

    Though upstanders wouldn’t have put themselves into danger if they stood up to the abductor, it was likely that they didn’t help the girl because most people do not like to insert themselves into other people’s issues which is not a good habit because even when people see others that seem to be caught up in a dangerous situation, they won’t step up to the attacker.


  13. Melissa M says:

    am extremely overprotective of my son. Walking down down the street, i would definitely step in and figure out what is going on. Like I don’t understand how someone can just walk past a lil saying thats saying “you are not my father”. it should tell that person the lil girl is in danger. If I would ever witness that I will help the lil girl because I wouldn’t handle it the right way.


  14. Jeremiah Rodas says:

    The biggest point i feel out of all this is how they mention people are living a fast food society where everyone is only focused on themselves and would rather do what they need to do for them then concern themselves with helping someone in need and the fact that the more people there are the less likely they would help shows how little concern most people have for others when it doesn’t impact them.


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