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4 thoughts on “Instinct/Migration

  1. I thought the second video was very fascinating, as I never knew there was an island called Christmas island, I thought that was very cool. I watched the video and understood it. For the first video, we weren’t able to watch it.


  2. Hello Professor the 1st video does not allow us to see it (This video contains contact from National Geographic they block the copy writes) the second video was very interesting – The Amazing Red crab of Christmas Island – Discovered 12/25/1643 that is how it got the name of Christmas Island. Seeing how and why the red crabs migrate was very interesting I honestly think I will be visiting this island, the fact that 63 percent of the island is protected Australian national park.


  3. 1st video was blocked by NatGeo but the second was interesting to see the crabs natural instinct to mate near the shore line.


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