Humanistic Approaches to Positive Growth and Self-Acceptance

Marshmallow Experiment

2 thoughts on “Marshmallow Experiment

  1. I think this rstudy is interesting but I would like to see it done with older children.I think having different sets of age groups will give us a better understanding of the children. Toddlers also tend to be more impulsive than older children because then haven’t been taught patience. Children are taught ,so a toddler who hasn’t been taught patience or did not have a set reward system at home is more likely to eat the marshmellow right away.


  2. I have seen this experiment before and I think it’s interesting that they found so many “stereotypes” of the actions of the kids. I think yes some were impulsive but having making a general broad statement that if they didn’t wait then they are very impulsive and in turn a bad child at home. I don’t think there was enough out of this experiment to come to those conclusions.

    I would like to see a round 2 of this, or a followup where they do an intake about the child with the parents beforehand, and then see if their actions at home actually do correlate with their choice with the marshmallow. I also want to see where they are in life after 10+ years, and see if self-control at a young age, and developments actually has a factor into what type of person you will be in the future. I just want to see more of this, and I think another study could be very interesting!


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