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  1. Alejandra Castillo says:

    The madhouse was a cruel place for patients, it sad to see how to the nurses treated the patients inside the asylum. The patients went into the asylum thinking that they were going to get all the help that they need to be better. But in reality, there were treated like guinea pigs and the doctors just tried their new methods on them. Most of the patients that were interviewed in the video said that it was a bad feeling and that they were mad at themselves that they had agreed to doing whatever the doctor told them. I saw how the guy felt when he started to work in the asylum helping out the patients. When he went to tell the other people that he finished help getting ready one of the patients and the other nurses told him to leave him there just the way he was. He felt really sad on how they were treating them, how they were supposed to help them out but mostly were rude to them. Most of the patients who went in just were going for a short period of time but when the doctors kept on persuading them to keep on going with their treatments. They stayed there for months even for years because they thought that they were going to get all the help they needed. But they were just getting more hurt then help.


  2. HANSON MEI says:

    When watching Documentaries like this I get really sad and just feel like these people are all so unfortunate for them to end up in places like this one. Insane Asylums are one of the creepiest things that I’ll ever think of because of the trauma that these children and adults go through. I think that the worst part about this is that these people get miss treated because they are not normal or that they are like animals. I don’t like the fact that these people have to suffer. Another thing that I learned is that these people are constantly experimented on whether it is cruel or not. Going back in time it was very interesting how people thought that these mental conditions worked. People had holes in their skulls due to the fact that doctors thought that they were possessed and that they needed to let the demans out but that was not the case at all. If it were me I feel like I would never let a family member be put in one of these places, it just seems cruel and unjust. They have lost their whole lives being tested on and treated poorly. I hope that these people understand how bad these places are for these people.


  3. jz255425 says:

    These documentaries that are assigned to us are always very disturbing and sad. The point of establishing mental asylums and hospitals were to help people who needed it for rehab, therapy, etc. However, High Royds did not do any of that, instead they were dehumanizing patients that weren’t wanted or needed in their families. The people who were working at High Royds didn’t even know what they were doing to their patients. The patients that were admitted into the “hospital” were used in human experiments which I found quite disturbing. This isn’t like the other experiments like the Milgram or the Stanford one; it was more inhuman than them. They did things like opening up these poor patients’ heads and drilling holes into them. I wouldn’t even consider these people who worked there as “doctors” if they were willing to torture people with different prescription of pills, procedures, etc. It’s just that doctors took an oath to save these lives and use ethical methods, but they were doing the complete opposite. What I thought was strange was that political parties thought that what High Royds was doing was all right. Did they not know what the patients in there were going through? What the workers in there did to them?


  4. Mental asylum is to help, assist and treat mental ill patient but in this documentary , this is not the case. The doctors took advantages of them because they where mentally sick and have no control what so ever, and use them like guinea pigs to conduct experiments ; by giving them pills to see if it works, operating their brains without knowing exactly what they are searching for. Maggi Chapman who was one of the patient in the High Royds hospital said the hospital was a problem to them not a solution. The effects of her surgery was devastated, her speech was gone she could not communicate with people for a while. Its so sad to see that the nurses and the doctors that are suppose to care and treat patients they are the one destroying and putting pain on them. The families had little or no idea on how to care for them so why they had to but them in the asylum. I think this days mostly in the developed countries doctors try not to experiment to much because their license can be revoke and they will stop practicing. Families now have a better understanding on how to deal with them. Even they are put in the asylum they can control their stay there.


  5. shakur202 says:

    I’ve heard of many controversies and misinformation about certain events in human history and these asylums are yet another unfortunate example of an ugly truth that was hidden behind the seemingly peaceful walls of the asylums. I can understand why some of these doctors were so eager to try their methods, after all it was all during an age where technology was advancing, especially in the medical fields, however, that is still no excuse for some of the treatment that was done onto the patients in the asylums. These psychiatrist were too impatient and barely tested the FULL effects of the drugs and therapy they used. The people with mental disorders were all told that they would get better but for most that was simply not the case. The drugs, while they did provide some temporary relief, were actually slowly killing them all. And because of the stigma that surrounds these people, and any that did speak out against the methods used by the asylums were not listened to because the psychiatrists and the rest of the world thinks that they can’t think for themselves, that once in an asylum anything one would say was said to be nonsense. And even after the asylums were over the world still didn’t want to deal with people with mental problems even if some of those said problems were not as serious as one may have thought. If anything the asylums were major causes of trauma a patient may feel later in their lives. When you really think about it, even the asylums that said they would cure their patients, sometimes ended up treating them like they weren’t even human.


  6. gabynavarro13 says:

    Although this is morally wrong, I am always fascinated to learn about how the past generations treated mental illnesses, especially the cruel treatments in mental asylums. This is because I somewhat know the brutal history that involves asylums and I am almost certain that everyone knows the negative connotation it carries. It boggles my mind how misguided these doctors were about some of these treatments they made their patients suffer through. The patients’ treatments (not just the experiments) were inhumane and cruel, I am saddened to learn of the dehumanization of these patients by the staff. It is no secret that mental illness was a taboo topic 60 – 40 years ago, so it is no surprise that the citizens did not care what was happening inside of these facilities – if someone were to speak up sooner maybe these experiments along with the asylums would have been shut down earlier. Though it is important to note that as a result of these experiments, we now know more about the human brain and we know what NOT to do to people who suffer from mental illnesses. Of course, this does not justify the disturbing experiments on these clueless patients. I believe that both, the healthcare and the government failed these people by not prioritizing them and treating them like second-class citizens. I am glad we’ve come a long way and our community is more open to discussing mental illnesses than ever before.

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  7. Valeria Soto says:

    This documentary left me in shock. Everyone had a choice to allow certain things to happen to them. Most of the time they were convinced to have a procedure done even after they thought twice about doing it, and everyone who had a procedure done regretted it that very moment it was being done. It is very sad how patients were treated especially those who knew they had a problem for example Maggie and the teenage girl. They went in to get help and what had happened was they came out even worse and spent a longer time than expected. It left me speechless how many years went by before they closed any of the asylums. Even after the patients were treated with no respect and was being practically tortured alive to “help” there mental health. It was very disturbing how patients were up while have a procedure done, and for the most part I seen it as tortured. Leaving patients helpless especially those that did not have families to check in on them. It was also very shocking to me how big the asylums were and how many people were in them. What bothered me the most was half of those patients did not have any mental health. Even after knowing they were not diagnosed with any mental health they kept the patients any how and basically gave them a mental health issue. This documentary was very sad and heart breaking, and for those who was able to speak about there experience I am very happy they had a say what went on in the asylums. It sickening that the nurses and doctors did not know what they were doing half of the time and no one tried to stop it, for example Derick on his first day was shocked and seen how patients were treated and knew it was wrong. He sat there and watched instead of trying to stop it or even get help for these patients. It amazes me what used to happened before just when you think your life sucks, there’s others in the world that experienced it much worse.

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  8. itdacost says:

    It’s so sad that patients with mental illness were pretty much punished for being mentally ill. It is terrifying that the medical professionals thought that the treatments they were giving the patients was beneficial for them. It blows my mind how the professionals thought that torturing the patients was a good way to treat them. Another part of this documentary that shocked me was many them had diagnose that could easily be treated at home. I feel very sorry for the patients that lived a painful and lonely life while they lived in those mad houses. I see it as they were prisoners without making any crime. No human should suffer this type of monstrosity. Yet I fell like time has gone by and we still somewhat being used as experiment now a days. The difference is that instead of electrical shocks or burning part of our brain, drugs are being prescribed even is the doctor is not sure if our body will respond well while using it. Another great example is when many times our doctors either guess or they would ask what do we think we have, instead of running enough exams where we can get 100% of the diagnosis or they would just ask you to take Tylenol until you feel better, if you get worse you have to go back. There’s a lot of money involved in this pharmacy scheme. Just like the doctor in the mad houses , the doctors now a days knows that some prescriptions they give is not beneficial to their patients and can cause some serious even permanent side effects to their patients. I think that time has gone by , science has advanced amazingly , but yet we are still being used as experiment in a different way. I believe every life is precious and shouldn’t be treated as if its disposable.


  9. cxrojo says:

    It is sad how people do not have compassion with a person with mental disorder. It is sad how these people care just about what they need, and how they used people with mental problem as benefits for them. A person with a mental problem had to suffers a lot, and there are many different situations that they have to went through. It is unbelievable what kind of
    Treat these people receive from others. I think that not one with a mental problem, should be used for any type of experiment because it is seem as if those doctors are enjoying the suffering that all those people are living. Also, it is inhuman how the adult people who have a mental problem are putting in a asylum. A person with any disability and with a mental problem requires more attention, care, and protection than any others person. And that is something that not one is going to have in an asylum. There is not a better love and protection that the love from home, “family” I know that unfortunately, people with a mental disorder are not accepted by the family even less when they are older, but that is the reason of why people who work in an asylum are there. They have to have compassion, patience, with them, and be willing to help and understand them, no matter how difficult they are sometimes.


  10. KENNY LUONG says:

    Documentaries like this never cease to disturb me. Mental asylums have always been thought to be used for good purposes, rehab, therapy, etc. But instead, the reality of these asylums did not promise anything but rash research on human experiments. What is strange to me is how political parties originally agreed to this regime, were they even aware of what was happening? Disregarding the high costs of the “therapy”, were they aware of the high cost of dehumanization? High Royds was not a hospital, they were still researching and more importantly experimenting, it should not have qualified as a “hospital”. It’s not fair to just open up a skull of an individual in hopes of finding a solution when you don’t even know what you’re looking for.

    It’s also unfortunate that treatment at one point allowed the patients to decide their treatment. Although I understand this was part of the trial-and-error process of progression, it’s really common sense that you don’t give someone what they want, hoping that their addiction goes away.


  11. Phery Tale says:

    Its sad to see a person with mental problem. mental health is a serious issue that needs immediate intervention. Luckily for us today, the horrid practices that took place back then such as lobotomies, various forms of brain surgery during that period , and human abuse are minimal. I think , due to the fact that there was little or no knowledge about how to treat and deal with people faced with mental illness, the medical practitioners turned these vulnerable people into “pigs” to conduct experiments. Mental asylums are not a bad idea since some of these patients are in need of extra care but on the other hand when the people running it have no idea of what they are doing then it becomes a problem. the problem is also with the society who did not see these people fit enough to live among them. Patients were abandoned by families , and they felt rejected because the society didn’t want to know what was happening in these asylums.

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  12. Isabella Orozco says:

    It is too sad to see everything that these people went through. Older adults, people with mental problems, and people who did not even have to be in an asylum. My question is, Nurses and Doctors were the ones who were doing all this damage to these people, so what did they go to school for? It is too inhuman what they did just to experiment, or maybe it was not the job of their dreams. No matter the reason, but they did very cruel things. On the other hand, I could understand that in previous years there was not so much technology as now, and that education was not the same, but there is something called “common sense” and we human beings know when something is not well done, and that it will do harm to the other, since we are not supposed to do to others what we do not want to be done to us. Nowadays, things have changed a lot in the asylums, nevertheless the cases of abuse do not stop. It is still difficult for many employees of these sites to understand that most people who live in these places do not even have the love of their families, and the minimum they should do is make them feel like at home or at least in a safe place. Finally, the one who does not live to serve, does not serve to live. What a sad documentary!


  13. nsujit says:

    This documentary was about the Britain’s mental asylums created to treat sick people. This documentary explores the shift about attitude of society towards the mental illness over the last sixty years. The documentary exposed the treatments which were mouth openings and goose bumps creating in those days .The asylums has disappeared and most of the people who lived in them now live in the community. Video showed that the family just wanted to get rid of the people like them as they had no idea of taking care of them.Although asylums were a familiar sight on the outskirt of every major town, the general public seemed only too willing to shut their minds to what was going on behind the walls. The documentary focuses in particular of High Royds Hospital . The mental asylums were ran as a research lab and those people were used in the experiments. Many people lost their lives before they realize the research was a fail. Doctors in these asylum saw this as a great opportunity to test out pills, procedures and torture these people because they were not in the condition to fight back.From the evidence of patients, doctors and psychiatric nurses, the documentary uncovers the extraordinary array of experiences reproduced by the asylums. During the sixty year of these asylum various shift in functioning of facilities were done as per the change in government policies on health.From a collection of interview and testimonies with patients nurses and doctors this documentary explores the change in societies attitudes towards mental health.


  14. Hamza Benmensour says:

    Once again this documentary just proves to be very disturbing and sad. These mental asylums were created to help treat sick people however the people who ran them had no idea what they were doing and the doctors were experimenting on these poor human beings. It is honestly very appalling to me that we do not talk about mental asylums much in history considering they were a thing not very much long ago. Opening up poor patients skulls and just going ahead even though there had been no successful operation. Also these mentally ill were abused because no one cared for them outside the doors of these mental asylums. It is all unfair but not surprising considering history always likes to oppress the weak and minorities. However it is not all the asylums fault, these people were dumped by their families who didn’t seem to care about their conditions and just wanted to get rid of them because they didn’t know how to take care of people like them. Doctors in these asylums saw this as a great opportunity to test out pills, procedures, and torture these people because they were vulnerable and would never fight back. So the blame is on all parties from the families who got rid of their unwanted family members to the doctors who were evil and were willing to do anything to succeed in their experiments.


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