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Carl Jung (1875 – 1961)

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung was born July 26, 1875, in Kesswil, Switzerland. The only son of a Protestant clergyman, Jung was a quiet, observant child who packed a certain loneliness in his single-child status. However, perhaps as a result of that isolation, he spent hours observing the roles of the adults around him, something that no doubt shaped his later career and work.
Jung attended the University of Basel. There, he was exposed to numerous fields of study, including biology, paleontology, religion and archaeology, before finally settling on medicine. Jung graduated the University of Basel in 1900 and obtained his M.D. two years later from the University of Zurich.
Carl Jung established analytical psychology. He advanced the idea of introvert and extrovert personalities and the power of the unconscious.
The final break came in 1912 when Jung published Psychology of the Unconscious. In it, Jung examined the unconscious mind and tried to understand the symbolic meaning of its contents. In the process, the work also took head-on a number of Freud’s theories. 

Adapted from:  BIO:  http://www.biography.com/people/carl-jung-9359134#synopsis

15 thoughts on “Carl Jung (1875 – 1961)

  1. I agree with Jung, Freud’s theory was too bias and one-sided (similar to many discoveries/theories during that time).


  2. Carl Jung disagreed with Freud’s idea on sexual basis of neuroses (which I’m confused about) and he introduced the idea of introvert and extrovert personalities and expressed the power of the unconscious.


  3. Jung, was a psychiatrist who extended the idea of introvert and extrovert personalities along with the power of the unconscious mind. He disagreed with Freud about the sexual basis of neuroses. he examined the unconscious mind and tried to understand the meaning of its contents.


  4. i believe that if freud believed in his ideas, their ideas would be perfected, but overall Carl Jung had better ideas


  5. He disagreed with Freuds on the sexual basis of neuroses. He had a lonely childhood, and took his time studying adults.


  6. Carl Jung is best known for Personality Theory and creating the introvert and extrovert concept which how is someone is stimulated from their environment.


  7. For sure Carl Jung was a brilliant person, created many Theory’s. One was “The Unconscious”, the Dream interpretation. I’m not really sure if I agree with him. In my opinion the dream is a bunch of information that still in our mind, and become alive in the dream. However doesn’t really have to mean something.


  8. I’m glad of being introduced to Mr. Jung, and understand that yes there’s a psychological impact on growing observing adults behavior and that, that, may explain some persons being more introvert than others.


  9. I agree with Jung because I also disagree with freud about the sexual bias. I also think that people are either introverts or extroverts.


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