Humanistic Approaches to Positive Growth and Self-Acceptance

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I am an addictions recovery psychotherapist and educator, and I believe in creating positive change through Social Interpersonal Growth Psychotherapy, a humanistic approach to positive growth and self-acceptance.  

My area of expertise is in substance and opioid use disorders.  I have worked with substance and opioid use disorders for many years in direct treatment, teaching, and curriculum development of addiction-related training materials and resources.  Areas of expertise include the treatment of addictive personality disorders and behaviors, opioid dependence, and the social perception of addiction as a disease.

My work focuses on clinical and educational research associated with identifying risks and intervention methods for addiction and addiction treatment outcomes.  In addition to active clinical practice, I continue to research extensively psychological complications associated with traumatic experience incurred during active disease that can impede treatment progress.

My goal is to improve the understanding of addiction as a disease and further long-term continuum of care resources by strengthening community support, engagement, and information exchange for dealing with patients who demonstrate addictive behavior.

I founded my practice, EMPOWER, to create a safe environment to assist people through a self-help, self-care (Interpersonal Growth) process that enables one to lead a positive and productive life. My ultimate goal by mentoring and coaching with positive feedback, suggestion, and support is to teach how to apply key psychological concepts into everyday life affording one the ability to think critically, recognize issues, and proactively present workable solutions, personally, professionally, and socially.

I have proven skills working with people from diverse academic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds. I believe that successful coaching, mentoring, and teaching consists of mutual respect and interactive learning. My style consists of group/team building and learning that creates an interactive exchange between individuals exposing them to different experiences, people, cultures, values, and opinions.

My business background in organizational/behavioral psychology included functioning as a conflict resolution specialist during mediation and arbitration hearings. I have served as an executive board member, district vice president, and organizational change consultant.

I continue to coach and consult management and employees in the facilitation of problem solving techniques and employee relation programs with specific regard to organizational issues that impact people, and that will contribute to maintaining positive and progressive work environments.

This website is a continuation of my practice that provides alternate methods of communication and educational resources for people motivated to create positive change.

      -Veronica Emilia Nuzzolo, Ph.D., CTP, LADC 1 

Speaking Engagements:

Workshops Conducted:

Mind Body Continuum: Integrated Approaches to Older Adult Health
Sponsored by the MA Aging & Mental Health Coalition
May 13, 2019 / College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

Dr. Veronica Nuzzolo presents Promoting Older Women’s Engagement in Recovery (POWER) at, Combating Opioid Misuse Among Women and Girls, Prevention Strategies at Work, Hosted by the Office of Women’s Health, within the US Department of Health and Human Services.  Washington D.C.  September, 2019.


Social Interpersonal Growth Psychotherapy for Addiction:
Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)
Structured Outpatient Addictions Therapy (SOAP)

American Psychological Association (APA)
Society for Addictions-APA Div-50
Society for Psycho-Pharmacology and Substance Abuse-APA Div-28
Society for Humanistic Psychology-APA Div-32
Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP)


State of Massachusetts:  LADC!

State of Maine:  LADC

State of New Hampshire:  LADC


Certified Trauma Professional

Red Cross: Certified Disaster Relief Counselor


Organizations I Support:
St. Anthony Shrine – Arch Street Boston
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

About the Site

Disclaimer:  My role is to support and assist you in reaching your own lifestyle goals and your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment and follow-through. I cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result.

You accept and understand that results differ for each individual. Each individual’s health and wellness success depends on his or her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation and actions.


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