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Milgram: Obedience to Authority


  1. Khaled Roch says:

    People can do bad things if they order to and are sure that they are not going to be responsible.


  2. Navy says:

    To some people, speaking up is a very hard thing to do. But if you need to speak up do so. Or unless you were told to do something. Im not sure if I am giving the right or wrong answer.


  3. According to the video, I think that is a great example to say that human beings are vulnerable and it was even worse years ago that people didn’t have the same access to information and internet as we have these days . In my opinion obey to someone because their authority its a lack of knowledge.


  4. sheyla4801 says:

    I feel as though people should speak up even if they’ll have to speak up to someone who has a higher authority than you.


  5. Yasmin says:

    This video teaches us that majority of people when told to do something by an authority (regardless if it’s right or wrong) will do it because their fear is bigger than their morals


  6. Xavier Savage says:

    This experiment didn’t particularly stock me, I think the results would be even worse today with how desensitized and “nose blind” we are to the issues and concerns that are not our own. Modern inventions like social media have also made it easier for those who have not traditionally had influence to be wildly popular and even have cult like followings. An example of this is “Instagram Influencers” who have millions of followers buy products, try impossible/dangerous feats, experiment with an array of things and do things based on a value system that is often uncheck or irrelevant to the masses following them. The Milgram experiment today would be scary.


  7. andreachavezlopez says:

    This video shows how someone is given power to give consequences when they don’t hear what they are looking for. This to me was a bad way to experiment on humans.


  8. smven17 says:

    Milgram experiment is an amazing experiment, in my opinion. It shows how we are raised to always respect and obey someone who has authority, in this case the man in the white coat. It shows how we can give into anything that goes against our morals as long as we are obeying.


  9. This video gave a lot of great insight to the fact that even if it is wrong to do people will automatically obey a uniform or authority. Great learn


  10. Sayomi (Grace) says:

    Milgram experiment is one that shows and measure how likely people are to obey authority figure even if it goes against their morals and common sense. People (playing the role of teachers) were administering electric shock to the learners each time a person answered a question incorrectly. the relationship between obedience and authority is understood through this study and so is peer pressure and conformity.


  11. Kamilla Defreitas says:

    In this video it shows how people can manipulate others using power over them, people who may seem as inferior to others can use that to their advantage to make people do things they wouldn’t normally do. In this case, using electricity and torturing others but using power an an innocent bystander to control their actions in wanting to help another person. This type of manipulation over someone is really heartbreaking and is very twisted.


  12. Lydia Li says:

    Milgram’s experiment is a scary reflection of today’s society. I don’t understand how the teacher could obey the person simply because he had higher authority. In addition to this, the person with authority didn’t even say that the teacher would be put through a punishment if they refused to shock the learner.


  13. Jeremiah Rodas says:

    The idea that anybody can simply do what they are told to do just because someone who seems to have a higher status than you is so believable only because most people do not want to be part of an opposition and would rather just live a simple life doing what they are told to do if it means nothing happens to them. Since the scientist conducting the experiment assured the test subject that he would take full responsibility if any sort of harm were to occur. The subject, while hesitant, continued to obey and to the point where it was too late.


  14. JESSICA BRUNS says:

    I don’t understand how that study worked. How a person getting electric shock can be associated with memory? I’m sorry.


  15. Calvin Cannon says:

    With this experience, it just shows how controlled people can be. When in a position of power, this case the scientist, tell them to do something, people will do it when they feel inferior to another. People do unmoral things all the time. As a society, people feel uncomfortable going against the “norm”, because it makes them different. So and so said I should do it so I did it. This man clearly was worried about the other guy in the room, but still went on to push the button of electricity even though he knew it was wrong.


  16. elizabeth says:

    I don’t think I can give you a right or wrong answer. this gave chills to my stomach. Probably most germans descendants had asked themselves how could be that the “teachers” obey the “scientist”, knowing they were causing so much pain. But regardless history, from this experiment what I can understand is that the ” teachers” obey the authority because they wouldn’t want to be on the other side. They were seeing what the punishment for learning or not was. Although they volunteer to do it, when they face what the punishment really was they ratter stay on the teacher side. I keep watching a few more videos , and my congrats to the One men that stand up and said he wouldn’t continue, he could feel the pain he was causing to another human being. But that other video was a replica of the experiment in a more modern era, when I believe this people knew their rights.


  17. Olivia Filipowich says:

    I think this study shouldn’t be forgotten. People were shocked because I think they knew that it could’ve been any one of them. We all think we’re going to rise above, but will we actually? Do we actually have a sense of morale that isn’t dictated by someone else??


  18. melissa m says:

    watched and understood very little


  19. Debbie Ross says:

    Electrocution was used in this experiment although the “student” (person giving the answers was an actor) the guy giving the questions had no idea that the electric shock waves were unreal. He obediently continued to ask the questions because the authority figure told him to continue, although he could hear the man receiving the shock saying “please stop”. We as children are taught to obey anyone in authority, and that is what the person giving the questions did.


  20. JingRen says:

    The teacher is worried about the students, yet he still continues because the man in the white coat orders him to do so. That is exactly what happened throughout history, especially during the Holocaust. We might call the Germans as bystanders for not helping the Jews, but we cannot blame them. They need to protect themselves first before protecting others. I have learned from the book Night that one of the SS and a few other men were ready to sabotage all Nazi weapons and revolt against the Nazis. But the Nazis were so powerful and they killed the SS and the other men right away.


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