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Stanford Prison Experiment


  1. Navy says:

    I understand people do wrong in life and should get what they deserved but prisoner already getting their punish why do more punish. People shouldn’t be treated like that.


  2. According to the video, I thing that the way that the prisoners were treated was horrible and cruel, no body deserves to be treated like that and it shouldn’t be an experiment. However, was interesting to see that power changes people behavior and we see that every day in political, religious, sometimes even at work when somebody takes a new position starts to treat people differently.


  3. sheyla4801 says:

    having authority clearly tends to make people feel strong so therefore having this power, they think its okay to start taking advantage of it. things like this aren’t okay .


  4. Xavier Savage says:

    “Absolute Power, corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton.
    “IF you give a mouse a Cookie…” – Laura Numeroff

    The Stanford Experiment is a clear example that there is no limit to what atrocities can happen when the “powers that be” go unchecked. ESPECIALLY when a situation becomes an Us VS Then, the “Good VS Bad”, the ” Haves and the have nots”.

    This experiment also shows that often times its not “Real” power but the illusion of power that people are “defending”. Something as insignificant as shiny glasses and a uniform does not give someone the right to torture, degrade or humiliate someone.

    But we are not far from this in 2019 everyday life. The U.S has witnessed not an increase in police brutality and excessive force but an increase in its documentation for the first time (In part due to technology).
    These graphic videos usually circulated by social media show the the true nature of what injustices can happen when Authoritative figures:
    1) “Feel threatened” often times based on preconceived notions or bias
    2) Defend actions behind the guise of “Law and Order” or Power. Even going as far as to using tools such as a badge or firearm to defend inappropriate actions and UTILIZING powers that are not theirs to impose their will. In some cases become Judge, Jury and Executioner, this is because of a lack of consequences to their actions.

    When an unchecked authority feels threatened it can lead to that person, organization, or system to abuse its power to keep whatever the treat or the “THEM” in line. We have seen this time and time again in prisons both state and private, law enforcement, racist groups such as the KKK, banks, universities and even in violent domestic relationships.

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  5. Yasmin says:

    It’s sad to see how people will be abusive when they are given some sort of power. We’re able to see someone’s true self when they are given the power to do what they want.


  6. smven17 says:

    The Stanford prison experiment really shows the power that comes with handing someone a position of authority and leading them to believe that the authority figure knows best and anything he/she says must be done. It also shows the impact it had on the prisoners and how they were fighting their own mind because in this environment they were no longer viewed as regular individuals, the social environment lead them to believe that they were prisoners in a matter of days and should be treated as that. What impacted me the most was Dr. Zimbardo, he was viewing the experiment and he no longer knew what was right and wrong nor when to stop it, he was so interested in investigating how far a human being could go when left in this powerful and powerless environment he forgot that there were actual individuals being mistreated and it need to be stopped.


  7. andreachavezlopez says:

    This experiment showed how cold hearted people are when they go deep into their experiments. Having power will make you act how ever you’d like.


  8. kdhernandez11 says:

    I found it interesting that when people get put in a position of power how there whole thinking and mentality changes. And how the gentlemen who started the project mind set even changed.


  9. Sayomi (Grace) says:

    The Stanford prison experiment is another study that test/measure the relationship between obedience and authority; conformity and authority; behavior and consequences; etc. This study allows one to understand behavior as adaptive and situational. It also proves that when power is associated with authoritative roles, people immerse themselves deeply in their roles and oftentimes forget who they are. Their assigned roles become part of their identity and it consumes their true selves. In this experiment, we watch the behavior of normal college students change after putting on prison guard uniforms and inmate uniforms. The guards being the authority figure in the prison, immersed themselves in their role and felt powerful. Though instructed not to not physically harm any of the inmates, the guards became verbally abusive causing some inmates to become submissive and experience meltdown. The guards conformed to the power of authority soon as they put on the uniform. It’s interesting to see the switch in their personality. I didn’t notice any sympathy or empathy from the guards for the inmates.


  10. Lydia Li says:

    The Stanford Prison experiment shows how just because someone has power/authority over everyone else, they think that they are ‘invincible’ since they know they won’t be put under the same conditions as the prisoners. Therefore, they will use that power to their advantage and abuse the power that they have.


  11. Kamilla DeFreitas says:

    this is very upsetting, seeing others being taken advantage of because of someone else using power over an innocent person. People who abuse their power take it to the next level, giving commands and doing actions that others see as going too far, but for the power man himself, doesn’t feel that way. This is sad how people use their power to destroy others to feel better about themselves.


  12. cindyv85 says:

    This experiment was just stupid to me because they should have know that Psychologically some people would have gone crazy and take it way too far and that is exactly what happened there. Now all this going around and trying to figure out the why behind it should have and could have been avoided when they first witness some of the participant going too far with it. But yet they let it go until it got out of control. This could have been avoided to me


  13. melissa M says:

    This video clip was very interesting to watch and proved a very big point.


  14. JESSICA BRUNS says:

    “give power for people and you will know them” That is my opinion for this experiment. When people have power, they show how they want to act with others. So sad experiment, see people been treated like that, is unmerciful.


  15. Jeremiah Rodas says:

    The Stanford experiment is a prime example of how cruel a person can be just by simply having authority. These were average people with no actual real life authority, they were only told they were prison guards in an experiment but upon realizing they can do almost whatever they kept pushing it to satisfy their power fantasy.


  16. Calvin Cannon says:

    People become a product of their environment. Being in a position of power, a lot of us tend to abuse it. John Wayne as they called him, took it as far as they would let him. This mind state is common with people who have some type of power, who also abuse it. The sunglasses, were away of masking who they really were, some might if felt uncomfortable giving orders, some liked it. The prisoners on the other hand, went along with everything and let things happen. Zero sense of survival, they all broke. I believe if it were real hardened prisoners, it would not go down like this.


  17. ezitterk says:

    This experiment explain how environment affects your mind.. ‘john Wayne’ took very serious his roll of guardian but the others in the group did not became so aggressive as him, It looked more like the other guardians were following the leadership of John Wayne. I do believe that inside you, you already are what you are, it’s a matter of environment or social event that will trigger your inner you.


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